The Best Vegetarian Food In Hội An

Many Vietnamese locals choose not to eat meat at the new moon and full moon and vegetarian food is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. Here we list some our favourites in Hội An. If you are vegetarian, make sure your server doesn’t confuse ‘vegetarian’ for ‘vegetables’; the Vietnamese use a lot of fish sauce.

Parc du Mont-Royal

Minh Hien is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam. From the white rose dumplings to fried spring rolls through to wontons, their menu is a long list of delicious treats. They offer plenty of tofu options and other meat alternatives too. We recommend you visit their website because it is full of interesting details on the special ingredients, herbs, and spices Vietnam has to offer. Minh also offer cooking classes, so you can learn to cook the dishes for yourself.

Karma Waters

Karma Waters is a must for all vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike. The portions are huge and there is a great choice of pure vegan food, from tofu soup with seaweed to vegetable biryani. Karma Waters also serve delicious, nourishing juices. It’s a very healthy place so smoking is prohibited here and alcohol isn’t served.


Annen describe themselves as a quaint little establishment in the most beautiful setting, which couldn’t be more accurate. Their restaurant overlooks the bay and is family-run, meaning it is idyllic and friendly. They make their dishes form the freshest organic foods, sourcing their produce from the market each morning. Annen also offer yoga classes for visitors who want to ‘transform body and mind’.

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Located right on the waterfront, The Little River Café is the perfect site for enjoying some vegetarian food. As with lots of the other restaurants we have listed, The Little River Café offers great cooking classes too so that you can learn how to prepare different dishes and decorate plates artistically. Owner Mr. Tai is a fantastic chef and teacher.


Situated in a small alley between Le Loi and Hai Ba Trung lies Quan Chay Dam, a family-run restaurant serving tasty vegetarian dishes. Regulars have described Quan Chay Dam as serving gourmet vegan food, and it’s extremely cheap. Here, the staff are incredibly friendly and the food is more than reasonably priced.

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